The Furry Poozy Goes Out on Limb to Gain Perspective


Whether you battle mental illness or not,  it is important to try to gain perspective on life and on what truly matters.    The Furry Poozy is showing us (while on a tree limb) that sometimes it will take a different vantage point to view these things or to even see what those important things are.


For many, having family and true friends are always important and to know they are loved.  For me, it is to know what happens after we die.    (If you haven’t guessed,  I don’t want people to end up in Hell without being warned about its reality)

When people speak against mental illness or refer to it as a joke when they are not joking by saying,  “it’s all in your head”,   they ARE right.  It is in the head and mental illness, like Hell, really does exist.

So I have asked myself this question.   Why can a positive thinking person’s bright outlook seem to dissipate and get replaced for example, with depression, when no sign of depression was ever-present before?  And yet it happens.  The always positive thinking, non-believers of mental illness don’t believe in its existence— until it happens to them.   However, the mental illness has always existed it just wasn’t present in that person’s life.

Now unless a person is using brain altering drugs (illegal or legal) of which I am not advocating nor referring to here, I don’t have the technical answer for what the brain is doing (or not doing) in a person’s head.    However,  I do know it’s real and do believe that because other body parts break, then why not the brain?   And since it is true that people of all ages can be battling any number of diseases and sickness then it also makes sense to me that people of all ages can be living with some type of mental illness.


I believe God made us and created life perfect in the Garden of Eden.   Mental illness was not there, yet.   However, there is something we all would naturally like to deny the existence of.   This “thing” was introduced by God’s arch-enemy Satan.   In fact, I believe all the awfulness we see today from death, decay, disease, mental illness and all can be attributed to this one thing called Sin.   When we break His moral law as seen in the Ten Commandments (by lying, stealing, lusting, stealing, hating, etc.) there is also a penalty that needs to be taken care of otherwise He would be a corrupt Judge.   However, God didn’t make us robots but He does know we are imperfect beings.   God also allowed a way of escape from His wrath (against sin and all unrighteousness) to come.

Mental illness does have a way of removing perspective in our life.  This happens to me almost daily.   Now if perhaps you can gain or have a clearer moment in your day, remember what the Furry Poozy  can remind us.  When the Furry Poozy wants to climb a tree, or climb over a fence into the neighbor’s yard, use that simple moment to look for proper perspective on who and what really matters in your life.  Furry Poozies can be simple by nature.  (They eat, sleep, purr, climb, sleep, eat, purr, meow, sleep, poop and tomorrow will probably do the same thing all over again but maybe in a different order).  But sometimes it’s just doing the simple things and doing the best you can that are important, whether we realize it or not.



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